When A UFO Isn’t Really A UFO

As a follow-up to my earlier article, “UFOs and a ‘highly classified group,’” I thought I would share with you a couple more stories that demonstrate how very careful we have to be when it comes to the matter of analyzing alleged crashed UFO cases. That aforementioned article suggested that the 1952 story in question may have had far less to do with real crashed UFO materials, and far more to do with a secret program to convince the Soviets – in the early years of the Cold War – that the U.S. Government had recovered highly advanced alien technology. When, in reality, it may well have recovered nothing of the sort. Mind-games designed to confuse and concern the Russians may have been the primary goal.

There is another aspect to the matter of tales of crashed UFOs and how such tales often turn out to be something else entirely. I live in Arlington, Texas, which is about a 130 mile-drive to Wichita Falls. And, I get a lot of stories from people who have had UFO encounters in the Lone Star State. There is a reason why I mention that. More than a few years ago, I interviewed a woman who told me how her father, in the early 1980s, had told her of his involvement in the recovery of a crashed UFO somewhere in the Wichita Falls area, in the latter part of 1960. The woman was only in her teens when she was told of the incident, and much of it was hazy by the time it reached my ears. But, the data available to me suggested that we might have been dealing with something quite significant. In a way, it was significant, as you will soon see.

Over the years, I have taken a deep interest in a U.S. military program called Project Moon Dust (also referred to in some official documents as Moondust). A product of the Cold War, Project Moon Dust was created to secretly recover the likes of Soviet missiles that had gone astray, the remains of Russian space-satellites, rocket-boosters, and more. In other words, it was an operation designed to secure foreign technology for the U.S. military.

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