What’s the Best Way to Backup Your Photos While Travelling?

In this article we will focus on a particular aspect of travel photography: what’s the best way to backup photos while travelling without a computer. This means both accessing your photos to review, edit and/or share them as well as creating a backup on the fly.

Packing Your Photographic Gear

If you are a photography addict like me, you are probably preparing for travel with a mixture of excitement and stress.

The excitement comes from all the possibilities to photograph exotic landscapes, new people, costumes, architectures and more.

The stress? Well, you have to pack your photographic equipment, of course.

Overhead shot of photography equipment - best way to backup photos when travelling

Packing is an art difficult to master, particularly if you have to travel light. How many lenses do you really need? What about the tripod? Should you take filters or a flash? Or both?

Things pile up quickly and you will soon struggle with luggage size and weight, particularly if you need to fly.

Making a list of what you want to take is a good way to visualise how many things you’ll be carrying around.

Don’t plan to take everything with you. Bring along only what you really need and don’t focus on the “what if…”.

Your destination and photographic interests, as well as how you will travel and move around once at your destination, will dictate the kind and amount of photographic gear you will be carry.

DSLR are not the only valid options out there…

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