What to Do When You’re Addicted to Coffee, but It Hurts Your Stom

Life is filled with tough choices. Consider the first one many of us make every single morning: A steaming cup of life-giving coffee or not having a crampy, painful stomach. Sure, there are plenty of harder decisions we’ll all be faced with at some point, but coffee should be one of the easy ones, right?

So why, for some of us, does it make our stomachs feel like a toxic wasteland every morning? And more importantly, how can we keep on drinking coffee without getting all bloated and uncomfortable? Can’t we just have this one thing?

There has been surprisingly little academic research on the subject, considering the fact that Americans drink over three cups of coffee a day on average. However, publications from The Washington Post to Scientific American have explored coffee’s effects on digestion.
According to Dr. Ehsan Ali, MD, a primary care physician and concierge doctor in Beverly Hills, a cup o’ joe and indigestion can go hand in hand. “Coffee can stimulate the nervous system, which causes the stomach to contract and squeeze,” Dr. Ali told Extra Crispy. “In large amounts, [this] can be the cause of stomach pains.”

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