UFOs and a “highly classified group”

As some of you will know, I don’t have much of a belief in the theory that UFOs have crashed to Earth (although, I certainly did until around the early 2000s). Indeed, I have written two books on Roswell which, collectively, provide a non-extraterrestrial theory for what came down outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947. There is also a body of data that suggests some tales of crashed UFOs were created by U.S. Intelligence in the 1950s. The reason: to try and convince the Russians that the government had got its hands on alien materials, wreckage and technology. That does not, however, take away the fact that there are still some interesting tales to address. One of them is a fairly obscure event that occurred in 1952, and which is the subject of today’s article.

Within the UFO files of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations that are held at the National Archives, there is a USAF document which is dated July 23, 1952. It briefly describes an event that occurred in Maryland, only twenty-four hours earlier. The document reads like this:

“On 22 July 1952, Colonel Smith, Executive Officer, Directorate of Intelligence, USAF, advised that his office had just received a call from the above captioned individual, and that he was concerned over some object that had apparently fallen in a wooded area behind his home. According to Colonel Smith, Mr. [Deleted] resides on Layhill Road, Silver Springs, Maryland, and is employed by some Buick Company in the Silver Springs area. Colonel Smith further stated that Mr. [Deleted] reported this incident to the local police on 19 July 1952, the date the incident occurred, but having received no satisfaction decided to call the Air Force on 22 July 1952. I telephonically communicated the above information to Colonel White, District Commander, DO #4.”

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