Top best small business ideas and suggestions for start-ups

For many in the modern day workforce, a traditional 9-5 working day, a career for life, and a single employer might all seem a little old fashioned as the digital age has supplied more flexible ways of working.

We’ve assembled some of the most flexible small business ideas that supply great startup opportunities for the small business or home worker.

But before you get started there are a couple of questions to consider.

Is running a small business for you?

Running a small business can be very exciting and good fun. Being in charge of how you make your own living gives you a degree of independence. What’s more, there’s no one to answer to beyond your bank balance.

You can also scale your business according to the demand of your market. You might decide to take on staff, or remain solo. Either way, you are in charge of the shape you’d like your business to take, which is, of course, part of the appeal of starting your own business.

But being your own boss is not without its challenges. Learning how to stay motivated – particularly during demanding or very quiet times – can be especially tricky. Working out how to avoid distractions when working from home can present a whole new set of challenges as well.

But if you’re happy drawing on your own resources, then going solo and setting up a small business from home can present great opportunities for creativity and developing new skills.

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