Top 5 Best Concept Cars from the 2016 Paris Motor Show

French automakers are known for getting really creative with their concept car designs, and they didn’t disappoint. While other automakers went hyper aggressive with their designs, the French kept it classy with flowing lines and simple proportions.

Here are‘s picks for the best five concepts that debuted at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen is focusing on creating a new identity in its post-Dieselgate world, and electric vehicles are a huge part of that. The I.D. concept revealed in Paris shows an all-new design language that informs how future electric cars from VW will look. The concept is powered by an electric motor with 167 horsepower. The EV will have a driving range of between 248 miles (400 kilometers) to 372 miles (600 km).

Hyundai RN30

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