Top 10 (12) All-Electric Cars in Canada in 2018

Tesla Model S

If there’s a car that managed to grab more press attention than the Bolt, it’s this big sedan from Elon Musk’s maverick California-based company. The Model S is the first mass-produced car from the indy carmaker. Unfortunately, if you’re on a tight budget, the S is simply out of reach: its Canadian base price is just north of $96,000. An acceleration monster, the P100D edition is considered the fastest production car in the world. Equipped with the top-trim mechanics, the Tesla Model S can cover 539 km on a full charge.

Nissan LEAF

The top-selling electric car on the planet gets a makeover in 2018. Revisited from top to bottom, the LEAF 2.0 nonetheless retains the basic formula that has brought it success. It’s still a small car most at home in the urban environment where its dimensions and agility give it a huge edge, but its improved range of 242 km allows owners to go farther before recharging. As for the mechanics, they provide more power than in the past (147 hp, an impressive 236 lb-ft of torque).

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