These are the Big Three’s 10 best-selling cars in Canada

Chevrolet Impala: 3,715, up 25 per cent

Pay little attention to the Impala’s 25-per cent year-over-year Canadian sales increase. That significant rate of growth is what statisticians like to call a dead cat bounce. This sudden and brief turnaround won’t last, and it comes only after a prolonged stretch of drastic decline. Canadian sales of the Impala, which is now Canada’s 37th best-selling car overall, declined in 10 consecutive years prior to a modest rebound in 2017. Over 21,000 Impalas were sold in 2006, when it was Canada’s 10th best-selling car. GM Canada hasn’t sold that many Impalas in the last six years combined.

Chevrolet Volt: 4,114, up 3 per cent

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