The Top 10 Photo Spots of ‘On the Road 3 with Alex and Ryan’

Each of these countries has been at the top of my “must visit” list for some time, and they individually warrant a top 10 list of their own as they are some of the most photographed places in the world.

This isn’t a guide to the most popular or photogenic locations in each country, but rather a compilation of our favorite stops from an unforgettable trip in collaboration with Adorama.


Nestled in a fjord at the end of the Lofoten archipelago lies the picture perfect fishing village of Reine. Its shorelines are dotted with red fishing rorbuer and surrounded by massive mountains that seem to rise straight out of the Norwegian Sea. The iconic photo viewpoint is elevated above the village and looks almost directly north, making it the ideal location for many to shoot and view the northern lights, which we were lucky enough to see there.


Minutes before you arrive in Reine, you’ll pass through the small municipality of Hamnoy. While it offers the familiar formula of cabins, mountains, and fjords, it was one of the most dynamic and unique settings that we visited on the entire trip. Sunrise and sunset were both incredible here and I absolutely cannot recommend this location highly enough.

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