The Top 10 Photo Spots in London

Photographers visiting London — or who are living in the capital — are always looking for interesting and unique spots to shoot. London is one of the most diverse cities to shoot in with its numerous historic buildings, modern glass cladded skyscrapers and its vast green expanses.

Whichever style of photography you are into, London offers a myriad of different opportunities to get the perfect shot. Here is my list of the top 10 spots to snap photos in the city, in no particular order.

Tower Bridge and London City Hall

Tower Bridge and the surrounding City Hall area is a must-visit for photographers situated in London. The historic structure is a dream to snap, offers unique views of the city, and is a perfect spot for long exposure shots of cars zooming across the bridge.

The surrounding City Hall area offers interesting modern architecture with the backdrop of one of London’s most recognizable landmarks — the Tower Bridge.

While in the area, make sure to walk down to the banks of the River Thames when the tide is out to get a unique view of Tower Bridge.

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