The best electric cars: Top battery-powered vehicles available on UK roads

How much do electric cars cost?

The price of electric cars is now firmly in the affordable category too, with basic models costing around £13,000 and new luxury models offering the experience to fit their price tag. The UK Government is still running an incentive scheme that will see you get up £4,500 off the price of an electric car that meets the set criteria. You can read more about the criteria for electric vehicles, and how much you could receive, on the UK Government website.

As for the electricity costs themselves, that will depend on the charging network tariffs or your domestic electric tariff (home is where most of the charging will happen, in which case, the Energy Saving Trust estimates you’ll be paying around £2-4 per 100 miles. Increasingly, there’s a push towards solar panels and domestic energy storage to take you off grid – with the likes of Nissan and Teslaboth pushing this as an option.

Best electric cars available in the UK

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Jaguar i-Pace

  • SUV
  • 300 mile range, 90kWh battery
  • Prices from £63,495

The talk of electric town right now is the Jaguar i-Pace. Completely electric, totally new and very Jaguar. The i-Pace pushes into SUV styling, giving you space and practicality inside, but with a sporty drive. It’s very much the luxury electric car to excite. There’s oodles of tech, but it’s the smoothness of the driving that really makes this car feel like the embodiment of an electric future.

What it lacks is any sort of commitment to a charging network (something that Audi promises to crack with the e-tron), but if you’re looking for a grown-up electric car with few compromises, the Jaguar i-Pace sets a new standard.

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