The 10 best-selling pickup trucks in Alberta

Were GM to assemble only one truck instead of two under different name plates, the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado, their combined numbers at almost 24,000 units would have put the automaker just behind Ford. But keeping the units separate still gave GM the third and fourth positions. The Sierra — GMC’s best-selling truck — rolled into 2017 with a fresh front-end and small interior improvements, while 2018 was the year for an all new Sierra as a 2019 model that is on dealer lots now.

Chevrolet Silverado: 11,129 units sold

The Silverado enjoyed one of its best years ever in 2017, second-only to 2014 when the Alberta economy was on a roll — and even then, fell only a few hundred units short of besting 2014. After 2016’s redesign of the Silverado 1500 pickup, only minor changes were introduced for the 2018 model year ahead of the all-new 2019 Silverado that’s on sale now. The outgoing truck, marketed as the 2019 Silverado 1500 LD, will still be available until all remaining inventories are sold out. GM won’t say how long that will take.

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