The 10 Best Electric Cars You Can Buy, Including Teslas

When it comes to electric cars, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is the name most people think of. It definitely sells more electric cars than anyone else, despite their steep price tag — in fact Tesla has hit the 200,000-vehicle mark in the U.S., which means its federal subsidy for buyers will begin to wind down.Of course the Model 3 and its production challenges have constantly been in the headlines this year as well.

But Tesla is far from the only option these days. General Motors (NYSE:GM) has moved enough electric cars that potential buyers will begin to see its eligibility for federal rebates take a hit shortly after Tesla, and there are a growing number of other alternatives.

The reality is that while fully self-driving cars remain a product that will arrive sometime in the future, electric cars are here now. If they’re not quite mainstream, they’re no longer just niche players. Most auto manufacturers now have a fully electric car in their lineup, although they have a tendency to skew toward the luxury end of the market due to the higher cost. Here are 10 of the best electric cars currently on the market.

Best Electric Cars: Tesla Model S

10 Best Electric Cars: Tesla Model S

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