STEV is the next generation in fully electric mining vehicles

STEV (subterranean electric vehicle) is an innovative fully electric automobile and the next generation in mining vehicles, specifically designed for the harsh environment and rigorous duty cycle required to operate in underground environments. it features an industry first hybrid charging system which allows for both off-board DC fast charging and on-board AC opportunity charging. in addition, the vehicle also features a dynamic braking system that prevents unwanted accelerations and maximizes range by converting excess kinetic energy in to electrical energy. STEV reduces an organization’s carbon footprint, maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes operating costs.

STEV is the next generation in fully electric mining trucks

STEV provides consistent, intuitive and transparent operational feedback and a tuned suspension to create a more pleasurable driving experience. miners can develop respiratory-related disease or death due to exposure to diesel emissions in underground mines. to mitigate such danger mechanical ventilation must be provided, constituting a large portion of a mine’s operating budget. in response STEV offers health, environmental, and reliability benefits and makes positive financial sense.

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