Nature Photography: Where Are the Women?


As the “Me too” movement has shown us, most women have been sexually harassed, pursued, or simply pestered. This can also happen to women nature photographers. It’s not always safe to be a woman alone, especially in an isolated location.

Women are raised to look over their shoulders for potential dangers. Although those dangers could be physical, like extreme cold or having an unintended interaction with a large predator, more often than not, they are related to people (or more specifically to men).

Traveling alone in foreign countries can present even more security risks. Possible solutions include preparation, which is the best way to avoid bad situations. Research and carefully laying the groundwork for a safe trip is paramount to personal security. Traveling with a trusted guide, or going with a savvy partner or friend can be fun, in addition to being safer.


There are also some common misconceptions about nature photography. You don’t have to travel far away or to dangerous places to capture beautiful images or tell a story. Many successful nature photographers make their living locally. The profession goes beyond the “Big 5” or documenting predators in action. Some photographers specialize in insects, flowers, and even fungi. The field of nature photography can be sculpted into what works for your personal interests, aspirations, time frame and budget.

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