My Quest to Find the Best Photography Gloves

There are different ways to turn a regular glove into a photographer’s glove, and all of these involve creating a way to have as much tactile sensitivity and grip as possible in your thumb and index finger, trying to emulate the use of your bare fingers (and, in some cases, actually allowing you to use your bare fingers).

This can be created through different types of gloves:

Thin tactile smartphone compatible gloves

Gloves with removable finger caps

Fold down mitten gloves

Just like I said before, and because I’ve always been a budget conscious photographer, I decided to start with inexpensive gloves belonging to the first group. I chose to go with thin tactile gloves because the idea of removable finger caps or fold down mittens didn’t sound that appealing at first. Before diving into the complex world of online reviews and Amazon ratings, my first option was to search locally for a pair of fleece gloves, and so I ended up buying a pair of generic Karrimor fleece gloves.

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