My Quest to Find the Best Photography Gloves

After almost freezing my hands during an Iceland photo trip, I began a long search for proper winter gloves that would be both warm and ergonomic for operating a camera.

For many years, most of my photo career was based on shooting the gorgeous seascapes and landscapes of Portugal. Even though our winters can sometimes be a bit harsh, as long as the shooting sessions were not too long, one could get away with not using proper winter gloves.

Then I found a new love for the arctic and high mountainscapes, and suddenly my hands could no longer handle the intense cold and strong winds. My first trip to Iceland in 2014 was not easy at all in this respect, as I naively took just a simple pair of fleece gloves with me. I don’t know how, but my hands survived, but that was an experience not to be repeated…

The difficulty in choosing proper photography gloves is something that only photographers who work in harsh conditions for extended periods will understand. Our main problem is that we not only need very warm gloves, but they must also allow us to push extremely tiny buttons of a camera, change batteries, remove and insert SD cards, remove and insert lenses, handle delicate filters, and so many other precision tasks.

If you have never tried to operate a camera while using regular gloves, then please stop reading and do it, as you’ll only need 60 seconds to realize it is near impossible.

Considering this, when you read about gloves specially designed for photographers, this is not a gimmick nor a way to make you spend way too much money on a product you will not use. As a matter of fact, using decent photo gloves makes the difference between actually being able to deliver the shots or not.

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