Michigan’s Best Brewery: Our Top 10 list, plus the best newcomers, and more

 Kuhnhenn Brewing Co., 5919 Chicago Rd., Warren

Who knew that Warren is the hot bed of brewing? What set these guys apart was their incredible quality, Amy said. “Every single one of their beers were spot on,” she added. Brewer Todd Schwem explained that they don’t want to be best in Michigan, they want to be best in the world. If you set that high of a bar, you are going to succeed. They have a great pub to drink in, and that’s what you’ll do there. No kitchen here. “But you won’t miss it, this is beer geek heaven,” she said.

Amy Sherman’s Beer Choices: Kuhnieweizen, an almost perfect rendition of a traditional hefe, it had a great delicate flavor. DRIPA, a double IPA, was sweet, honeyed, bitter and stellar. And we were lucky to get a tasting of the coveted Raspberry Eisbach, which they brought out in a paper bag. “This is where beer transcends into something else,” Amy said. We were also lucky enough to sample the coveted Bourbon Barrel 4th Dementia.

Founders Brewing Co., 235 Grandville Ave. SW, Grand Rapids

Founder’s is the other big player in the state, next to Bell’s. Their recent humongous expansion at their pub in downtown GR obviously makes them a national powerhouse. Their tag line is “brewed for us,” which means they are brewing up exactly what they love, and not what the masses or the market dictates. Their beers are bold, unapologetic, and all around great, Amy said. Founder’s – combined with many other quality breweries in GR — is one of the main reasons Grand Rapids was voted Beer City U.S.A.

Amy Sherman’s Beer Choices: Mango Magnifico, a special brew, that was absolutely delicious. “These kind of beers are gimmicky in the wrong hands, but this one hit every note right on, with a sweet heat that was not overwhelming at all.”

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