‘I photographed a UFO over Doncaster’ Read more at: https://www.doncasterfreepress.co.uk/news/i-photographed-a-ufo-over-doncaster-1-7912229

A Doncaster cabbie thought he was photographing a beautiful sunset – but now he thinks he caught a UFO. Jarnel Singh was walking home through Balby when he caught sight of the beautiful sunset.

He took a number of pictures on his mobile phone to show to other people. But when he got home and showed his wife, he noticed a mysterious shape on the picture which he had not initially noticed – and now believes to be an unidentified flying object. He said: “I was just walking along Balby Road, and passing Westfield Park, when I thought how beautiful the sky looked. “It looked so nice that I thought I would take a photograph. I took one, took another a bit further along the road, and then took another one after that.

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