Whether you’re just out for one night, or are embarking on a months long journey, a great meal at the end of your first day sets the tone of your backpacking trip off right. With a little preparation at home before you leave, you’ll get to enjoy delicious food as you enter into the great outdoors. No hiker is happy on a hungry belly, so I’ll not only teach you how to prepare a dinner worth reaching, but also a hearty snack to get you where you’re going. This instructable will start by guiding you through the preparation of a (healthier) Chex mix snack, and then will detail how to prepare easy campfire fajitas.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or planning your first camping trip, this instructable will make your taste buds much happier next time you’re out on the trail.

Some considerations before you start

Food Safety Tip:Take note of all of the dietary restrictions of anyone who will be hiking with you to ensure their safety. Out in the middle of the woods is the last place you want to experience an allergic reaction. Be mindful of the ingredients you chose to add to your Chex mix and fajitas.

Fire Safety Tip:Exercise caution while cooking over an open flame. This instructable assumes that you know how to start your own campfire and are aware of wild fire prevention protocols. . Furthermore, ensure that campfires are allowed where you plan to camp. Some natural areas have protections that prohibit open fires.

Wildlife Safety Tip: Check local warnings regarding wildlife you may encounter such as bears or racoons. Be sure to store food securely overnight to prevent unwelcome encounters. Used aluminum foil can be just as aromatic as fresh food; store all trash in the same manner as your other food items.

A Delicious Snack to Get You to Your Campsite

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