Back in 2004, Aspen Snowmass became the first ski resort to achieve the ISO 14001 and Green Track Certification, a measure of a business’ sustainability practices. Aspen Snowmass has only built on that momentum, becoming one of the leaders in the sustainability space and a model for other resorts to follow.

They have a number of unique methods for increasing their use of renewable energy and cutting production of harmful pollutants, including a partnership with a nearby coal mine to capture waste methane vented from the mine and use it to generate carbon negative electricity. In addition to the use of solar power, hydroelectric power and wind power, Aspen Snowmass’ Environment Foundation has also donated over $3 million to more than 500 environmental protection projects across the Roaring Fork Valley. Read more about their environmental programs on their website, or join their Aspen Snowmass Sustainability group on Facebook to stay up with all their latest projects.

Park City

Park City Mountain Resort has taken extreme action the last decade to make their resort more sustainable. Voted the West’s Most Sustainable Resort in 2013, they continue to make remarkable strides in their sustainability efforts. Just a few of those efforts: they installed solar thermal panels at the mid-mountain lodge, purchased renewable energy and wind power energy credits to offset 100% of electricity and installed a solar array and vertical wind turbines which produce 20k kWh’s annually.

All of this added up reduce carbon emissions by 55,452 tons by 2013. Since then, the Park City community has doubled down on their sustainability efforts, setting some of the most ambitious sustainability goals in the country: for the whole city and community to be net-zero carbon and run on 100% renewable energy by 2032.

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