If you’ve been following the Blog lately, you know all about how climate change is impacting the ski industry. But how are ski resorts responding to the threat that climate change poses to their industry?

As we’ve discussed in our series of infographics on climate change and the ski industry, ski resorts across the country rely on winter snowfall to support their operations and keep the industry afloat. Rather than stand around and hope for the problem to go away, however, many resorts are taking the initiative and working to make their operations more sustainable, hoping that by doing their part they can help stave off the damage done by climate change and inspire others to do the same.

Going green is easier said than done, though. Investments in sustainability demand large quantities of time and money, but the payoff can be more than just figurative; more energy efficient operations can help resorts save big on energy production and use costs. There are a lot of unique and effective ways that resorts are becoming more sustainable and fighting climate change. There are three resorts in particular that have stood out from the pack because of their commitment to sustainability:

Aspen Snowmass

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