Future electric cars: The battery-powered cars that will be on the roads within the next 5 years

Audi e-tron SUV Sportback

The e-tron Sportback – previewed by Audi Elain in Frankfurt in 2017 – is a concept car for now, but will launch in 2019 as a full production model for an estimated £50,000. It looks a lot like the Audi A7, but has huge 23-inch wheels to give you a commanding view of the road. The road going car will be smaller than the e-tron Quattro (above).

While Audi has committed to a getting a number of different e-tron models on the road in the next few years, all the focus is on the launch model: it has been confirmed, however that the second model – the Sportback – will sit on the same platform with the same battery. We suspect that most of the tech specs will be the same and it will be a change in exterior stylings, for a sleeker look.

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla you can buy. You’ll note the use of “is” in that sentence, when this is a story about future EVs. With the Model 3, the “is it here, is it the future?” gets a bit complicated. Half a million people have reserved Tesla’s most affordable car, which starts at $35,000 in the US. The first customers have got their cars over in the States, but as production delays have hit, those in the UK – and beyond the US more widely – will be waiting until 2019 to get their Model 3. Place an order now, in the UK, and you’ll likely be looking at a 2020 delivery.

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