‘Death Star’ UFO Filmed Over the UK Described as Glowing Orb of White Light

A British man has filmed what he says is evidence of a UFO flying over the city of Leeds. James Goldman, 30, who lives in Leeds, describes the object as a glowing ball of white light that moved silently and “with absolute purpose.” The video, which was taken with a smartphone camera as the strange object passed over the city, shows an object similar to the “orbs” that appear in purported pictures of ghosts and spirits. Apparently basing their comparison  exclusively on the basic shape of the object, the Daily Mirror compares this UFO to the Death Star from the Star Wars series.

Speaking to Daily Mirror,  where you can see his footage of the UFO, Goldman says the object “a round bright white lit ball slightly metallic in nature” he estimates the object to have been flying at an altitude of 300 meters and at speed of 200 kph, or 124 mph. Whether he is any good at estimating speed and height is uncertain, so those numbers should taken with a grain of salt.  Goldman does say he “couldn’t believe such an object would fly so low.”

“It definitely wasn’t a plane and it was too low to be a satellite. I know what drones look like and it just wasn’t a drone either. I doubt it was a military craft because they wouldn’t be flying something like that over a populated area.”

From the footage, the UFO has the same sort of look as the orbs claimed to be evidence of ghosts.  Orbs generally show up only in the pictures themselves. There aren’t many cases of people seeing paranormal orbs with the naked eye. That this UFO appears like one may be due to the camera’s zoom, which tends to make everything a bit less identifiable, but there is a eerie non-physical quality to the way it looks. Goldman says it was better in person:

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