David Booth’s 10 Favourite Supercars

And, while such front-endy steering might not be the quickest way around a racetrack — a more benign balance like that of Ford’s latest GT is probably better for that — it sure was fine in the tight twisty hairpins that surround Ferrari’s Maranello manufacturing facility. Styling-wise, like the Jaguar mentioned, it was all organic curves and sultry styling. Throw in that crossplane crank siren song and I am not sure why anybody bought any other supercar. Yes, the new 488 is faster. It’s also quicker around a racetrack, more civilized to drive and probably more reliable. But nothing under $500,000 offers the sheer drama of a 458.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Yes, the LaFerrari is seemingly overkill, combining, as it does, a hefty V12 gas engine, various batteries, an electric motor and other hybrid paraphernalia. No I doubt that, despite its electrification, that Ferrari can boast any real-world fuel economy improvement. But the combination of a 6.3L V12 and 161-hp electric motor pumps out an incredible 949 hp.

That much zip should have been absolutely frightening (and I will admit that I was more than a little trepidacious before heading out onto Ferrari’s Fiorano test track) but the La Ferrari is a fairly controlled beast. Or at least as controllable as 949 horses can be. Not the most beautiful Ferrari, nor perhaps even the fastest supercar of its era — McLaren’s P1 just might have given it a run for its money — but if you absolutely must flog something so stupidly powered, the LaFerrari was an incredible combination of controllability and speed.

Pagani Huayra

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