Best cars of CES 2018: Byton, Toyota, Kia and more

Hyundai Nexo

The auto industry is moving quickly towards battery-based electric vehicles for its future form of production. But some manufacturers are persevering with hydrogen fuel cell technology, with Hyundai being one of them. The Nexo is a small SUV, and it’s impressive that Hyundai has managed to get the Fuel Cell stack and hydrogen tanks compacted to the point where it makes little impact on cabin or boot space. Despite that, due to the on-going costs associated with hydrogen fuel vehicles, the Nexo will only be available in limited numbers, primarily to customers in California.

Panasonic Autonomous Future Concept

We’ve seen numerous autonomous car concepts to date. Panasonic says this style of setup is still 20 years out, but it’s impresses nonetheless – particularly the OLED windows, which allow you to turn the car into a giant fish tank – or write messages to your friends, from CES.

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