Another Thermal Bag

Picture of Another Thermal Bag

The middle bag in the picture is what we’re working on next.┬áThis one will only be 1 layer thick instead of 2, but this is what you’ll keep the ice packs in to evenly disperse the coldness. This is made essentially the same way but don’t double it up and make this one a bit thicker (I did it by cutting the handle off about 4 or 5 inches from the top and then taping that shut and cutting open one of the sides that’s already sealed from the factory (so the opening is on what was originally a side. You’ll keep your ice packs in this bigger bag and then put your smaller bag in this bag which will disperse the cold more evenly than if you just put the packs in. I suggest putting one pack on the bottom and then one in front of and one behind the bag for optimal contact. You can either be done here or make a Mylar bag to put that in which is optional, but I’ll explain in the next step.

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