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Pack all of the following individual equipment into your backpack, and divide up the group equipment between group members. A general rule of thumb for backpacking is if you’re not sure you need it, you probably don’t. Pack larger items in the large main pocket, and smaller items in the smaller side pockets.  Doing this will make these items easier to access.  To create extra space in your pack, strap either a sleeping mat, a tent, or a sleeping bag, or a combination of these things to the area underneath your pack as shown to the right:

Equipment: What to Pack (Individual Items): Make sure to pack all of the following items.


A school backpack won’t do. You will need a hiking backpack. Hiking backpacks come in two forms, internal framed and external framed. They both have their benefits. External frames have a lot more space to them and have more pockets making them easier to pack and unpack. Internal frames however are more comfortable and have a snugger fit. However, they come with one big pocket, so unloading can be difficult. Hiking backpacks come in a lot of sizes so if you don’t have one, go by a trail store and get fitted.

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