This guide will go over the basics in hiking and camping overnight. It will tell you what you should bring, how to pack lightly, and provide some other really good ideas.

Before you begin reading you should know that part of the charm of camping is figuring out how to do most of these things on your own and finding which methods work best for you. But since you’re new at this, this guide will go over the basics.

Planning Your Hike

Picture of Planning Your Hike

There are a couple of things you will need to do in preparation for your hike:

Plan where you will be hiking on a mapChoose camping spots where there is water nearby. This will be shown on your map as either a river or a spring, or some other source of running water.

Decide on tent partners

Decide in advance who will be sleeping in which tent. This is important so as no one is forced to sleep outside at night.

Plan out meals

Make a list of what your group will be eating for every meal.

Also, in preparation for your hike, check the weather forecast. Use the weather forecast to plan what sort of clothing to pack.

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