A Tale of an Exploding UFO Implodes

Here’s my third and final article (well, for now, at least…) on how and why we need to be so very careful when it comes to addressing and investigating tales of UFOs that have fallen to Earth. This one deals with a case that has been championed by quite a few UFO researchers, but which may actually have had completely down to earth origins. We are talking about a puzzle that dates back to 1957. It was midway through September of that year when a man named Ibrahim Sued became the recipient of a strange and controversial tale. It dealt with the explosion in the skies of Brazil of nothing less than a circular-shaped UFO. In other words, a Flying Saucer.

As a journalist on O Globo – a Brazilian newspaper – Sued decided to look deeper into the matter, primarily to see if there was any truth to the claims. Or, if it was someone’s idea of a big joke. According to the unknown letter-writer, the location was Ubatuba, Brazil. Part of the letter sent to Sued read as follows. The Flying Saucer, Sued read,  exploded into  “thousands of fiery fragments, which fell sparkling with magnificent brightness… most of these fragments, almost all, fell into the sea. But a number of small pieces fell close to the beach and we picked up a large amount of this material, which was as light as paper. I am enclosing a sample of it.”

Researcher John Harney has taken an interest in the matter of the Ubatuba affair and that intriguing “sample.” He says: “The material was given a spectrographic analysis and the report merely indicated that this showed the presence of magnesium of a high degree of purity and absence of any other metallic element.”

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