8 Simple Kitchen Design Trends To Expect In 2018

As a new year beckons, so does the prospect of a fresh start; and for many, this begins with a redecoration or a freshen up around the home.

One of the most-used and easily-updatable rooms in the house is the kitchen. Are you looking at a total refit or simply to inject some new life into the busiest room in the house next year? Here are some simple kitchen design trends to inspire your redecoration plans.

Bright Copper Kettles

In place of silver appliances, more and more people are looking at gold, bronze, rose gold or copper items to deck their kitchen with.

The last couple of years has seen this trend grow, and today there is an array of items on the market in these tones, giving the consumer lots of choice.

There are high-end and cheaper copper-coloured toasters, kettles, pots, and pans on the market. But this trend goes beyond appliances.

copper kitchen appliances

Gold cutlery has become more and more popular, adding a regal and decadent feel to a kitchen. Kitchen paper holders, mug trees, and dish drainers are available in these tones of rose gold too. This means you can give your kitchen an all over injection of opulence.

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