7 Reasons I Still Shoot Film in 2018

I can’t count the times I positioned a model in place, looked over the viewfinder, and after a few minutes of composition trials said “Nah, let’s just move over to another picture, forget this”. Even for digital shooters, analog is a great way to practice visualizing images first in your mind, and focus only on stuff that will really work along with your goals.

You tend to be more attentive to the stuff happening because you click less, and by clicking less you get more time left to do what really matters: interact with people, connect with your model, interact with the scenery, and explore places, etc. You learn that photography is not about what happens in the camera, but what happens outside it. And since what happens outside the camera is what really makes good photography, you care more about it.

Shooting film makes you keep an eye on the future

If you’re completely unfamiliar with film photography, I need deliver the news: analog cameras have no screens for reviewing your pictures after you shoot them. Yes, it is true. And since it is true for all analog cameras, it makes us stop the bad habit of obsessively reviewing photos throughout an entire shoot. The only screen you’ll be checking is the viewfinder and what is displayed inside it: the image you are in search of, not images you already found.

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