7 Reasons I Still Shoot Film in 2018

From that day, future me would always wonder what past me would say about that choice. Since seeing the first (bad) results, I’ve fallen in love with film and have evolved into shooting exclusively analog nowadays.

This article is an answer to all the people who ask me why I still shoot analog today. This is not at all a digital versus analog kind of article, and my main goal is to present film cameras as a viable tool for some kind of work and practices, just as digital is for others.

 Plan or perish

During my first medium format shoots, I realized I couldn’t miss like I did in digital. Professional color and B&W film is very expensive in Brazil (where I live) and it was not my plan to deplete my bank account as I pressed my camera shutter. I realized I was going to need way more planning than I was used to shooting digital.

When you shoot analog, as a standard, you click a lot less with a big increase in quality. You tend to think twice (or thrice) before pressing the shutter and you learn fast to identify the kind of life material that will provide you great pictures.

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