5 Ikea Kitchen Ideas

When it comes to Ikea, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is functionality. The brand praises with its multi-functional furniture, and an incredible attention to details. Ikea products give a general feeling of comfort and joy, due to material textures, color schemes, and playful designs. Today we will focus on 5 Ikea kitchen ideas, that follow two main principles: practicality and beauty. These Ikea kitchens are fully functional, easy-to-use, and easy-to-clean. Plus, they are so cozy and beautiful!

Ikea Kitchen Idea – Stainless Steel and Laminated Surfaces

This design is suitable for medium and large kitchens, while it is very low maintenance. The stainless steel cupboards and laminated countertops make cleaning a child’s play. The overall look gives the feeling of cleanness. If you are looking for small kitchen ideas, these stainless steel cabinets from Ikea can be a very wise strategy. If lit properly, they will make the space seem larger.

Take a look at the open shelves in the image. They actually are some of the best Ikea kitchen renovation ideas. There you can show all your valuable and funny kitchen accessories. These light open shelves can go great with a set of multi-colored plates or glasses, flower pots or storage items.

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