5 common Photography problems and how to fix them

 The colors in my photos look wrong

The most common solution to this very common photography problem comes down to finding the correct white balance setting for both camera and subject.

Most of us will be aware that tungsten/artificial lighting lends a warm orange glow to shots. So, if you’re shooting indoors without flash and bumping up the ISO settings to compensate and avoid blur, you’ll be left with orange-y images.

Fine, if that’s the look you’re going for, but if it’s a more natural look you’re after, simply drill into your camera’s menu of white balance settings and select the icon that most closely resembles a common light bulb and try the shot again with this compensatory mode selected.

You’ll also find settings on your camera for a variety of artificial and natural lighting conditions – including strip lighting, natural daylight (which can, conversely, lend photographs a cool blue color cast), cloudy days and so on. You’ll probably also find a few specific night-time settings.

Or alternatively there is often the chance to achieve a custom white balance – achieved simply by holding up a piece of white paper in front of the lens. Simply experiment with white balance settings until you find the look – and colors – you’re after.

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