The passion is having to deal with frigid temps and lackluster snowfalls. Out West you get goggle tans, out East our faces turn red in the winter from wind burn. The Eastern half of the country is home to cousin Joey from Jersey and home to skiers wearing jeans. The beauty of all of it is that it doesn’t matter. It is a whole society of people that just absolutely loves to ski. The East and the Midwest believe that a 4-inch storm is a powder day, these beautiful people have an appreciation for the snow that is unrivaled.

 The Racing

In the Midwest, we take our ski racing seriously. Whether you’re a youngster coming up learning the ropes or a beer leaguer ripping gates on a Tuesday night, racing in the Midwest is no joking matter (but we do like to have fun). To further that point I’ll even goes as far to say that the Midwest and the East are home to some of the best ski coaches in the country. Along with some of the most elite ski academies in the world.

Places like Burke Mountain Academy which has produced some of the best ski racers of all time including 2018 Olympians, Mikaela Shiffrin, Nolan Kasper, and Tommy Biesemeyer. There is also Carrabassett Valley Academy, CVA’s alumni include the likes of Bode Miller and Kristin Clark both of whom have gone on to have extensive World Cup careers and many Olympic appearances. Get your race skis ready, because you’re going to need them in the Midwest and East.

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