Here in North America, when we talk about skiing we almost exclusively talk about the western half of the continent. And there are great reasons for that; the mountains are taller, the resorts tend to cover more acreage, the snow stays for longer. You can get summer skiing at Mt. Hood and October skiing at A-Basin. There is a lot to love about skiing in the West. The Rockies are a gift to skiers of all shapes and sizes.

We love the West, but that being said the East and the Midwest has more to offer than you think. There are hidden gems and skiing at all difficulty levels. The passion for skiing runs very deep in the Midwest and in the East. But this isn’t a competition, we love skiing in every shape and form. The idea of this list is that we think the Midwest and the East are under appreciated as places to ski, and we will outline below all the reasons why you should not sleep on skiing East of the Mississippi.

 The Passion

The passion for skiing you find in the East and in the Midwest is off the charts. The passion in the West is legit as well, yet the west is at another level with average conditions and types of resorts and terrain that are available. The passion in the Midwest and the East comes from consistently skiing boiler plate groomers. It comes from your local hill being just that, a hill. Something that is a couple hundred vertical feet and you have to lap it 3-4 times as much as you do out West to achieve the same amount vertical.

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