24 Stunning Living Room Wall Ideas

The downside of a wooden wall is that they do age. If not properly cared for they can warp and discolor. They are also subject to many kinds of damage and staining, so should be watched and cared for carefully.

Wood varies widely. You can refurbish old pallets for nearly nothing if you are looking for a shabby unfinished look, or you can get wood paneling from $3 to $6 per square foot. (Source: Homewyse)

Cultured Stone

Stone is one of the toughest materials used as a finish. It can be cut into many shapes and sizes, and used in a variety of places. Often used around fireplaces, stone gives a hearty outdoorsy feel. If left to its natural color, it can bring a rich and dynamic rustic look to any living room. (Source: Guiding Home)

One trend is to paint the stone a single color, to retain the texture of the stone, while fitting the tones into a more cohesive color palette.

The advantage to stone is that it is strong. It can resist damage, and even if you do manage to damage it, it may simply add to the texture and character of the wall.

However, it is heavy and difficult to work with. It is advised that you get a mason if you are not comfortable working with these kinds of materials.

Stone wall, depending on the materials and quality of the stone you find, ranges from $22 to $33 per square foot. (Source: Homewyse)

Exposed brick

If you are looking for a rough and textured finish to your living room walls, the most popular option is exposed brick. Typically red or brown, brick is a rich and timeless look that fits a great many styles and designs. It is never out of style, and is durable; the rough finish gives the brick character. (Source: Guiding Home)

Brick is a very strong material, and is difficult to damage. It always looks good and can be covered if you want a change.

Although if you do manage to damage your brick wall, the repairs may not be the easiest matter to deal with; finding brick that is an exact match may be a pain.

If you are lucky enough to have brick already, an exposed brick wall can be pretty inexpensive as you just need to expose it. But if you are working with a different framework, creating an exposed brick look can cost from $20 to $27 per square foot. (Source: Homewyse)


Concrete is the quintessential minimalist wall choice. It is simple, elegant, and modern, without being intrusive or expensive. (Source: Guiding Home)

Concrete is great for a bare bones, minimalist design. It is durable and long lasting, and also very cheap. It lacks all impression and expression, so it can really let your other design choices speak.

Concrete wall is not incredibly warm. It does not create the cozy atmosphere that other materials may. It is a utilitarian design; the concrete wall is designed to be the wall, nothing more.

As with brick, if the bones of your home are already concrete, there is no need to crack open your billfold to get a concrete wall. But for those who want a concrete wall from scratch, they may be looking at spending $8 upward to $13 per square foot. (Source: Homewyse)


Metal walls are an interesting choice for any living space. There are many different kinds of metals and styles of metals that can be used, even in different states. Rusty, old distressed metal can be as viable as clean and sleek metal sheets. (Source: Guiding Home)

Metal is very strong and easy to clean. It can give an interesting look that accentuates certain kinds of designs. It does add a great deal of texture and interest to a room.

While it can accentuate some designs, metal does not work with all designs. If metal is not treated properly it can oxidize and rust even further. This may be desired in some cases, but you may not want the rust to get too extensive or you may have to replace portions of your wall.


Tile walls can be a fun and creative way to design your space. A mosaic or designed art tiles can really liven up an area. There are lots of options when it comes to tile, and the sky’s the limit as far as color and design.

There are countless styles, sizes, and shapes of tiles that come in a massive variety of colors, patterns, and finishes. The options are almost limitless when you are looking for tiled walls. They are also pretty easy to install, so you may be able to save on labor.

Tiles can be easily damaged, and repair may be an issue if the tiles you selected are limited or rare. Also, there is maintenance that comes with a tiled wall, as grout can become discolored and old.

Depending on the style and type of tiles you choose, tile walls can range from between $8 to $18 per square foot. (Source: Homewyse)

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