15 Young Female Photographers You Should Follow Today

I’ve been taking photographs for over nine years. Throughout my journey, I’ve discovered many incredible artists, and among them many amazing female photographers.

The reason I started taking photos in the first place was that I stumbled upon galleries of breathtaking portraits by artists like Laura Kok, Rona Keller, and Annette Pehrsson. They inspired me to experiment with every sub-genre of portraiture that exists: black & white, conceptual, minimalistic, and so on.

My experience with these genres led to the creation of my own style, one that wouldn’t have existed without the help of such diverse galleries.

I strongly believe in the power of inspiration. If used wisely, it can be transformed into the most powerful creative energy you can imagine. I also believe that photographers of all kinds deserve to be recognised and honoured for their contribution.

For these reasons, I want to highlight 15 female photographers whose work continually pushes me to do my best. They’ve all empowered me in innumerable ways, and I’m sure they’ll have the same effect on you.

Laura Kok

Laura is a Dutch photographer with an impressive portfolio. In addition to taking photos of people, she photographs nature, and creates thought-provoking diptychs.

What I love most about her photographs is their authentic beauty. The atmospheres, colours, and compositions in her work gracefully reflect the realness of life.

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