13 reasons Finland is the perfect stopover for your Europe trip 2018

IF YOU’RE ON a grand tour of Europe and get the chance to check out Finland for a few days, grab the opportunity by the reindeer antlers. Yes, it’s a vast country jam-packed with a whole lot of beautiful nature, but you don’t have to travel huge distances to get a taste of what makes Suomi so amazing.

The whole Finnish travel industry, together with Visit Finland, has put together more than 200 activities, experiences, and packages for anyone on a quick stopover. And the kicker: When you fly with Finnair, there’s no extra cost for a stopover from 5 hours up to 5 days. Here are 13 compelling reasons why you should take advantage of the opportunity.

It’s home to one of the best airports in the world.

Yep, Helsinki Airport is officially one of the best on the planet. If you’re going to connect via any airport in Europe, make it this one. Combine that with Finnair’s great connections to the rest of the continent and beyond, and you can see why this is prime stopover country. Once you’re here, it’s just 35 minutes or so to downtown by bus or train…or you can fly straight to Santa’s neck of the woods — Lapland, the country’s northern half — roughly an hour away.

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