11 reasons you NEED to explore Arctic Europe 2018

ARCTIC EUROPE IS adventurous by definition. Heading up north is about catching king crabs that weigh up to 33 pounds in the Barents Sea, learning how to surf at the world’s northernmost surf school in Norway, getting blown away by the fall foliage in Finland, or setting up camp under the stars in Sweden’s Sarek National Park and realizing how wild it all really is. You don’t go on adventure here — you’re taken on one.

Here are 11 reasons you should explore Arctic Europe and its gorgeous seas, mountains, and fells.

Meet the Sámis — Europe’s only indigenous people.

The Sámi people have inhabited the north of Finland, Norway, and Sweden for more than 4,000 years. Today, it’s estimated there are fewer than 100,000 that claim this heritage, but their way of life — languages, music, art, food — is still preserved in towns like Guovdageaidnu, Gáivuotna, Luvlieluspie, and Aanaar.

Whether you’re learning how to lasso with Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Experience, buying a handcrafted brooch from Sámi artisan Erica Huuva, passing by a pack of reindeer on your hike in Sweden’s Muddus National Park, or getting to know about Sámi handicraft with Tuula by Muddus Lake in Inari, you’re learning about the culture that’s at the heart of Arctic Europe.

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