10 Wall Art Ideas For Your Living Room

A Framed Scarf

If you prefer your scarf in a frame so it’s sturdy and looks a bit like a painting, this is what you’ve got to do. Here’s a pretty scarf that I came across and thought it would look lovely in a frame.

What you need

Apart from the obvious scarf, you’ll need a frame (you can pick this up from your local home decor store).


  • Make sure the scarf you pick fits the frame. If not, you’re going to have to cut it so that it fits the frame
  • Iron the scarf so that there are no creases on it. Be careful while ironing the scarf, a high temperature can ruin the fabric
  • Place the scarf on the base of the frame and first fix the corners with pins. Use a few pins along the edges as well so that the scarf stays in place
  • Slide the base of the frame back into place and your wall hanging is ready

String Art

DIY string art on woodDIY String Art with Steps

You can make string art in a pattern or in words. Doing this feels therapeutic as well.

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