10 Macro Photography Ideas You Can Try Today (Without Leaving the House!)

Macro photography shows us details on a scale that is not visible to the naked human eye. But knowing what works best for macro photography can be tricky.

This is why, I’ll show you 10 simple macro photography ideas you can create without even leaving your house. But first…

What Is Macro Photography Exactly?

Capturing images of small sized things like bugs or flower stems is possible through the use of dedicated macro lenses, extension tubes, bellows or reverse adapter rings.

These allow for a closer focus distance and therefore more magnification compared to a standard lens.

Even though some lenses have a macro setting printed on the focus distance ring, it doesn’t mean they are true macro lenses.

True macro photography happens when the projection of the subject on your camera sensor is the same size as the subject itself. That represents a ratio of 1:1, also known as life-size magnification.

You can learn more about macro equipment and techniques in our article here.

What we’ll focus on here is where and when to photograph macro. Finding the right subject is probably the hardest part. The ability to spot good macro subjects requires a trained eye and great attention to detail.

Beginners tend to think that they need to be in a faraway outdoors location with exotic flowers and insects to create interesting macro images, but the truth is that interesting macro scenes are everywhere.

If you take a look around where you are standing right now, I bet you will find a few potential subjects that will most likely give you interesting macro photography ideas.

So here are our 10 ideas for when you’re stuck indoors or if you just want to try your hand at macro.

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